Is Diane Kruger Pregnant? Sure Looks Like It! (PHOTO)

diane krugerAnyone wanna hop on the rumor train and take a ride to Speculationsville? There have been no reports that Diane Kruger is pregnant, but after seeing these photos of her and boyfriend Joshua Jackson doing some grocery shopping on Wednesday in Hollywood, it sure looks like she might be expecting a little bundle of joy.


Diane, 36, and Josh, 34, have been dating for seven years and for a while, everyone thought they were engaged, but so far, he hasn't put a ring on it.

He may have, however, put a baby in it.

I selfishly hope that these two have decided to spawn, which is obviously why I'm jumping to conclusions and declaring Diane pregnant just because Joshua was seen holding her stomach ... and because a horizontally-striped dress may have hugged some natural bloat a little too closely.

But it's not totally out of the realm of possibility that Diane's with child. She's always wanted a family and told the British magazine Look:

I keep dreaming about a baby, but I don’t feel any pressure. I never thought about having children in the past, then Josh and I started thinking about a family six months after we became involved.

I don't know you guys, could this be it? Sure hope so!

Do you think Diane Kruger is pregnant?


Photo via Splash News

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