Kristen Bell Pumped Milk Backstage at the CMT Music Awards

kristen bell breast pumpKristen Bell made her big post-baby debut last night hosting (HOSTING!) the CMT Music Awards. And I guess we would be talking about how smashing she looked in her black leather dress. But you know what? This is Kristen Bell we're talking about, and she's not going to let us play it that way. Forget the dress -- here's what else she did. Kristen tweeted a photo of her breast pump, the one she used to pump milk during the show.

"My new backstage beauty routine," Kristen tweeted, adding hash tags #pumpit #pumppumpitup #CMTAwards. I bet you never thought you'd ever see that string of words together! Oh my God, I think Kristen Bell just won all the music awards just by playing her breast pump.


Don't you love that? She's promoting breastfeeding for working moms -- and she's cracking us up at the same time. I'll never see a breast pump again without hearing in my head, "pumpit, pump pump pump it up." You're feeling the rhythm there, aren't you. Will someone please record a breast pumping song now? We've already got a beat.

Okay, but what I also love here is that Kristen is making pumping cool. Those cones, that machine -- it's all deeply, DEEPLY awkward and unsexy. As a new working mom (so, so long ago) I remember sighing heavily every single time before I hooked myself up. But now? Now pumping moms almost have a theme song.

Say it with me, moms: Pumpit! Pump, pump, pump it up!

And thank you, Kristen Bell, for distracting us from that same ol' stupid "post-baby body" conversation we have every damn time. Obviously she looks great, but I am so sick of THAT being the dominant narrative every single time a celeb gives birth. Let's talk instead about how impressed we are that Kristen got off the sofa and hosted an award show -- and brought her pump along with her.

Do you think Kristen Bell's photo of her backstage breast pump is inspiring?


Image via IMKristenBell/Twitter

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