Kate Winslet Has a Baby Name Picked Out That Couldn't Be Better

Kate Winslet and Ned RockNRollWhen it comes to celebrities and baby names, typically they like to keep us guessing until the last minute ... or forever (ahem, Adele). As for Kate Winslet and her husband Ned Rocknroll, however, we already may have a name just days after we learned she's pregnant.

The name they reportedly have picked out is perfect too. It's sentimental, adorable, and has an incredible story behind it.


According to The Sun, they plan to name the baby (assuming it's a girl) Eve. The name is after Ned's grandmother, who, if you recall, Kate rescued from a fire in 2011. Quick recap: They were at Sir Richard Branson’s multi-million dollar mansion on his own Necker Island (Branson is Rocknroll's uncle), when a fire broke out, and Kate played hero. It also happened to be the weekend her and Rocknroll's romance started blooming, so it's all sorts of meaningful. A source told the paper:

Eve is one of the names Ned and Kate have thought of. They want it to mean something and it would be a great reminder of how they met -- and keep a strong connection with Ned’s family.

Additionally, it's a great fit with the names of her other children, which also have three letters each -- Joe, 9; and Mia, 12.

As lovely as it is (and let's face it, it needs to be lovely to make up for a last name like Rocknroll), however, I'd hold off on buying them any monogrammed gifts yet. Another source told Entertainmentwise that this report is false. So who knows.

However, if they haven't considered the name Eve before, here's to hoping they do now. Because it really is pretty perfect ... unless it's a boy.

Do you think Kate Winslet should name her baby Eve?


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