Kim Zolciak Photographed Smoking While Pregnant -- Not Cool!

kim zolciakReal Housewives of Atlanta star, Kim Zolciak is pregnant with her fifth child. Yay! Kim, who currently starts in Don't Be Tardy, will be having her third child with her awesome NFL star husband, Kroy Bierman. Yay! And, recently, during what looks like a relaxing trip to the beach, Kim was photographed smoking. Ya Wait, what?


We all know that Kim loves her cigs. In almost every scene of every show she's ever been in, she can be caught puffing on one and enjoying the ever-living crap out of it. And although most of us think smoking is gross, we've come to accept it as part of Kim. It's even sort of amusing watching someone who doesn't give a f*ck as much as she doesn't. But being that Kim is pregnant -- a pregnant mom, no less -- no wait, scratch that, a pregnant mom who used to be a nurse, I'm shocked to see her smoking right now. And she's not even trying to hide it! There she is, baby bump and all, hanging out with her entire family on the beach puffing away for all to see. What is going on?

I really don't understand how anyone could do something like smoke cigarettes while they're pregnant. It seems really selfish, and just plain dumb. But I wouldn't be surprised if Kim smoked during her previous pregnancies, too, and being that her kids are all fine, she figured, What the hell?

I really like Kim, and it's her life, so she can do what she wants, but how many times do we have to be warned that smoking is bad while pregnant? It isn't just linked to low birth weight, it lowers the amount of oxygen available to baby and increases the chances of miscarriage (among other things). Not cool.

Kim, congrats and I really hope everything is fine with your pregnancy and baby. But moreover, I really hope you kick this habit -- at least for now.

Did you smoke while pregnant?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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