Paris Jackson Reportedly Rushed to Hospital After Suicide Attempt

paris JacksonParis Jackson was reportedly rushed to the hospital around 2 a.m. after an apparent suicide attempt, TMZ is reporting. I'm really hoping this is some kind of mistake, but so far no word from Paris. TMZ says that Paris was taken out of her Los Angeles home by a stretcher and that she had cut her wrists. If this is true, it's terribly tragic, considering spunky blue-eyed Paris, who is Michael Jackson's only daughter, seemed to be doing so well.


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After a rough period where Paris and her siblings declared that their grandmother and guardian, Michael's mother Katherine Jackson, was "abducted" by her own children and being held against her will, things seemed to settle down for Michael's children. Michael Jackson's nephew T.J. shares custody with Katherine and things looked, at least from the outside, to be stable. Given their strange childhoods, the three kids appear to be well-adjusted.

Paris has been spending a lot of time with her birth mother, Debbie Rowe, lately. She is also on her high school's cheerleading squad and likes to post YouTube videos of her doing things like putting on makeup, singing, and decorating her room. All in all, a normal teenager. Quite amazing considering how abnormal dad Michael seemed to be.

But often what the world sees is much different from what can churn below the surface. Paris and her brothers still lost the person that mattered most in the world to them -- and lost him extremely young. Growing up without a parent has got to be incredibly difficult. Add in being 15 years old in today's world, and well, Paris might have done this as a cry for help and attention.

I hope she is okay and this report turns out to be a false alarm! TMZ is reporting that she is doing well.

Here's Paris looking quite happy and healthy. Do you think Paris could have tried to commit suicide?


Image via ParisJacksonWorld/YouTube

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