Melissa Gorga or Teresa Guidice: Which One Needs a Mom 101 Refresher Course?

Teresa Guidice

If you watched Sunday night's premiere episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, you likely saw that the long-standing feud between Melissa Gorga and Teresa Guidice has yet to trickle down to their sweet and, dare we say it, still innocent daughters. Their two little girls are cousins who just want to indulge in childhood pursuits like making jewelry together. And so when Melissa and Teresa finally agreed to meet at a joint location so their daughters could have a play date, we breathed a collective sigh of relief. We were convinced upon seeing the love between their kids, these two feisty NJ Housewives would buckle under the weight of familial bonds. Alas, we were oh so WRONG.

But which one of them is to blame? Who really needs a crash course in Mothering 101 -- New Jersey Housewife Melissa Gorga or her sister-in-law Teresa GuidiceWe are pointing our finger at TERESA.


Teresa has some good qualities, but when it comes to her sister-in-law Melissa, all bets are off. It's obvious that no matter what concessions Melissa has made, Teresa simply CAN'T BEAR THE SIGHT OF HER. For this reason, she can't push her feelings about Melissa aside ... not even for the sake of her young daughter or niece.

Here are three parenting tips Teresa could use when it comes to her mothering (around Melissa) skills.

1) STOP involving your kids in your adult drama. It's one thing for Teresa to despise her sister-in-law, but it's quite another for her to tell her kids rumors and fill their heads with her own opinions. Gia was all up in the drama and quite vocal about her Aunt Melissa's "wrongdoings." Whatever happened to kids respecting their elders?! Kids are smart and will draw their own conclusions, and we should let them. And besides, a good mother doesn't get in the way of her kids' close familial bonds with their aunts and cousins. Ever!

2) Actions speak louder than words. When Teresa and Melania met up with Antonia and Melissa for the very first time at the jewelry store -- after not seeing one another for over a year and a half -- Teresa had the opportunity to model healthy behavior in front of her daughter. She could have taken Antonia's face in her hands, told her how beautiful and precious her letter to her cousin was and how much the entire family loved her letter, and how lucky she is to have a niece that is so sweet. That type of demonstration of love would have melted Melissa's icy demeanor toward Teresa immediately. When it comes to kids, actions speak louder than words! Witnessing her mom doing something sweet like that would have spoken volumes to Milania about the fragility and importance of family.

3) Money can't buy you love. Instead of buying Antonia a gift, Teresa could have showed her daughter that the best birthday gift is treating Melissa and Antonia with love and an open heart. She should have embraced them both instead of feigning air kisses and giving Antonia yet another tech gadget, which, by the way, she might already have.

So what is your take on Teresa's mothering style? Love it or leave it?


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