Kate Winslet Is Expecting a Baby With Husband Ned Rocknroll

Kate Winslet has a new production underway! The Oscar winner and her husband of seven months, Ned Rocknroll, are expecting their first child together. "Kate and Ned are delighted" over the news, her rep told People.

Already mom to daughter Mia, 12, and son Joe, 9 (from a previous marriage), Kate is in for a big surprise with baby #3.


Sure, she knows how to change diapers, spot colic, and make sure to give him or her plenty of tummy time. But it can be tough going back to the start nine years later. For those of us moms who wait a long time in between pregnancies, we forget how tough the newborn stage really can be. Once our kids reach the big kid stage, we are getting more sleep and they are infinitely easier to handle. You can actually negotiate, bribe, or threaten them into good behavior.

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But I am sure Kate isn't too worried. In fact, she has been looking forward to expanding her family for a long time. “I’m hoping to have more kids,” she told InStyle in 2006. "I don’t know whether one or two. Oh, God, I would love to have more."

What an exciting turn of events for the star. A new love, a new baby on the way, and so much to look forward to. Congrats Kate!

Are you excited for Kate?


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