Why Denise Richards Is the Best Mom for Brooke Mueller's Kids

Denise RichardsCharlie Sheen's toddler twins, Bob and Max, have been living with none other than his ex-wife -- the one who is NOT the mother of his twins -- Denise Richards. She's the mother of his other two children, daughters Sam and Lola. Denise took custody of Charlie's kids with third wife Brooke Mueller after they were taken away from Brooke when she was deemed to be putting her kids in danger. She has since entered a rehab facility -- this will be her 20th attempt at rehab!


Brooke, however, has continued to try and wrest custody away from Denise. She wants her children to live with her brother. A judge has denied her request for the third time, saying that the children are in a stable environment and they shouldn't be uprooted from their half-siblings and their school.

Denise has taken care of the kids before when Brooke went to rehab and apparently they are friends, so why would she want to disrupt the children yet again?

Sources say that the reason is money. Brooke is reportedly terrified that losing custody of the children will mean losing the $55,000 a month child custody payments she now receives. Apparently, after her Paris Hilton-fronted reality show failed, that's the only income she gets. Boo hoo, Brooke.

Yes, I feel sorry for Brooke that she's an addict and that maybe this makes working for a living extremely difficult if not impossible -- but this is about the kids. They've been shuttled around enough lately and it's important that they remain with someone they know and trust, and that is Denise. Even the judge agrees.

It's sad that their father, Charlie, can't seem to step up to raise them, but perhaps he isn't in the best environment either. (Hard to believe, I know.) I can't imagine what it would be like to be raising your ex and his ex's kids -- but Denise seems happy to do it, so why not let the tykes have a healthy environment? Denise, by the way, is my new hero. She not only is taking care of five children (she has three daughters), but she is a dedicated animal rescuer and fosterer who has dozens of pets! That must be a bonus for the kids.

Brooke needs to grow up and learn to put her kids first. Perhaps losing her child support will be the wake-up call she needs to get clean and learn how to support herself.

Anyway, Charlie was an idiot for letting this woman go. Or maybe she was just supersmart to get away from him.

Do you think the kids should stay with Denise?


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