37-Year-Old Reality TV Star Goes to Boy's Senior Prom & Lets Her Va-Va-Va-Voom Hang Out

Evelyn LozadaSooooooo, Evelyn Lozada attended a high school prom in Bloomfield, Michigan after being invited by one of her Twitter followers, Anthony Nelson. Yes, that Evelyn Lozada, as in 37-year-old Evelyn Lozada from Basketball Wives.

Um, did I mention she's 37 and went to the prom with a high school senior? Ok, you're right. No biggie. It's kind of sweet that she made his dream come true by saying yes.

But how about the fact that when he requested that she wear red for the dance, she opted for this little number -- which her breasts are not-so-subtly spilling out of.

Yeah. Her "nice" gesture just went from innocent to "what the hell?" in the span of a few seconds.


Can't tell that she has some major boobage going on from that photo? How about in this one?

Evelyn Lozada

Yep. There ya go. And that dress is pretty tight in the booty region too. Yowza.

Um, you'd think considering she was headed to an event where plenty of not-quite-adult boys were going to be hanging out with their tongues wagging, she could've chosen a gown with a little more material up top. (But somehow I'm guessing that was the whole idea.)

My son is only 7 years old, but I'm already dreading prom night down the road. I'm no dummy -- I know what goes on on prom night. (Not that I ever engaged in risky prom behavior or anything. No seriously, I left in the limo alone. Long story.)

All I can hope is when that day comes, my son will have a good head on his shoulders and will choose a respectful date who doesn't wear something that looks like it belongs in the pages of a naughty men's magazine.

And another thing -- I hope he brings a fellow classmate as his date -- not a 37-year-old celebrity who is technically old enough to be his mother. I'm assuming this kid's mom was ok with him going to the prom with Evelyn, but if this were my son, I probably would've volunteered to chaperone the festivities that night. 

At least that way, he'd be able to get sex off his mind every time he looked over to the punch bowl area and saw me standing there staring him down. And somehow I'm guessing my presence would also help ward off any romantic intentions this older woman would have with my precious baby.

Hey, you never know what kind of crazy temptations prom night can bring. (You gotta be prepared as a parent.)

Would you let your son attend prom with an older, very voluptuous woman?


Images via Evelyn Lozada blog

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