Jennifer Lopez's Raunchy Performance on Family-Friendly TV Show Is Inappropriate (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lopez

OK, JLo, we get it. You're a 40-something mother of two and you've still got it. You're absolutely gorgeous and your body is a hot, hot wonderland, all righty? Now, can you put your crotch away while performing for a couple minutes? Kids watching Jennifer Lopez perform on Britain's Got Talent on Tuesday really didn't need to see her do her best impression of a stripper in a costume that can only be described as Vegas Showgirl meets the Dark Knight meets Big Bird.

More to the point: is it not possible to "Live It Up" without extensive gyrating and crotch-grabbing? Apparently not:


Sigh. I know that compared to some stuff we've seen on stage lately, this isn't the worst. But doesn't that just mean that we're getting desensitized to the crazy over-sexualization of women on stage? Why does just about every female performer these days have to give a raunchy, ultra-sexed-up dance routine more fit for a sleazy strip club along with their songs? Pure talent is no longer good enough, except for the few, rare female exceptions like Adele. Even Taylor Swift got her dominatrix on at the recent Brit Awards ... and I am SO glad my daughter wasn't watching that show.

NONE of this crazy sexiness is something I want my daughter watching and internalizing as the way women have to behave in order to get praise and attention. Sure, I can keep her away from Rihanna concerts until she's older, but I'd think that a show like Britian's Got Talent, meant for all audiences, could keep the focus on the actual talent, and not the way the talent looks in a thong and thigh-high boots.

Do you think JLo went over the top for a show like this?


Image via TenEightyPixels/YouTube

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