Farrah Abraham’s Desperate Need for Fame Could Hurt Her Daughter

farrah abrahamI have to admit, the Teen Mom franchise has always been very hard for me to watch. Parenthood is tough enough when you are a mature adult with a job and a supportive spouse. It pains me to see these young girls go though the emotionally taxing process of raising a child when they haven't really had a chance to grow up themselves. So it's especially heartbreaking to watch Farrah Abraham make choices that won't just hurt her, but also possibly her beautiful baby girl Sophia.


Many of the stars seem desperate to extend their 15-minutes of fame. I can understand why. The show has changed their lives in ways they couldn't have imagined. They became bona fide stars. So with the end near, I expected them do as many public appearances and interviews as possible. But Farrah took this quest to a whole new level when she decided to make a sex tape. She is sticking the story that she had never intended for it to get out, but very few people are buying that. Who pays a porn star to be in a sex tape with you if you never intend for it to see the light of day?

When I heard about it, I immediately thought of her poor daughter. One day, she will know what her mom did and how will this make her feel? For her part, Farrah says she will be open with Sophia once she's a teenager and share her porn past. Who knows how that conversation will turn out. I can't imagine any child being proud of that. But even more worrisome is that Farrah continues to make decisions that don't seem to have her daughter's best interest in mind.

Coming off her sex tape success, she recently inked a deal for a new reality series and has been in New York City this week for meetings and interviews. In the past, she has said that Sophia will be apart of any show that she films. I have to wonder, though, is that really in Sophia's best interest? I know Farrah wants financial security -- that is top of mind for nearly every single mom. But is this the way to go about it? Even during the toddler years kids are very impressionable. What is best for them is stability and love, not a team of cameras following your every move or throngs of paparazzi and fans. That can be an overwhelming experience for a child, especially one who has already been through so much (her father died in a car accident before she was even born).

And the older Sophia gets, the more cognizant she will be of her mother's lifestyle and choices. I cringe to think of the first time some kid on the playground or at recess starts making fun of her because of her mother's porn tape. And as Farrah flits across the country for press tours or trying to get meetings with producers, there is the possibility that Sophia may get lost in the fray. What that child needs more than anything is a normal child with routines she can count on. My hope is that Farrah will one day give her that.

Do you think Farrah's choices will negatively impact her daughter?


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