Halle Berry's Baby Bump Is Impossible to Miss (PHOTO)

Halle Berry baby bumpWhoa! It took a while for us to get a really good glimpse of it up until this point, but now there's no disguising Halle Berry's growing baby bump. We were all shocked when the announcement came that she is expecting baby number two at the ripe old age of 46, and we couldn't wait to watch her pregnancy progress and become more obvious.

And now that she only has a few months to go, Halle has officially "popped," which is probably why she has no problem stepping out in more snug-fitting outfits, like this little black dress she wore while out running errands earlier this week.


Now that she's well into her second trimester, there's no denying the fact that Halle is pregnant -- not simply carrying around a few extra unwanted pounds.

Ugh. Isn't that the worst? You know, the first few months of pregnancy where it's tough to tell whether you've got a bun in the oven or have just consumed one too many pepperoni pizzas and cheeseburgers?

I didn't really pop until my fifth month or so, and that's why I did everything in my power to hide my midsection during the early stages of my pregnancy. And since I waited until I was out of the first trimester to tell my co-workers I was preggo, they all gave me weird looks and shifty-eyed glances that seemed to say, "What the hell has she been eating lately? Girl has put on a few. Poor thing." (Or maybe I was just really paranoid and they weren't staring at me at all. Either way, it sucked.)

But when my bump finally did come out of hiding -- I proudly put it on display by wearing tighter duds, and to be honest, I looked a million times better than I had in the looser stuff. I think by trying to cover up my body, I probably only wound up making it look bigger than it was -- so no wonder everyone thought I was fat! (I know, there I go with the paranoia again.)

Now that Halle is literally "out there," I highly doubt we'll see her donning a mu-mu anytime soon. Why hide when your baby bump looks so darn adorable?

Did you switch to tighter clothes after you popped?


Image via Splash

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