Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Make Out in Front of the Kids -- Don't You?

Angelina JolieWell, it turns out celebrity parents are just like us! At least when it comes to grossing out their kids! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt recently got a request from 8-year-old daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt to lay off the smooching in front of them!

With a daughter set to turn 8 in just a few weeks, I'm waiting to hear the same thing out of her mouth. But will I listen to her? Not on her life!

And neither should Brad and Angie! At least not if they know what's good for their big brood?


Kissing in front of our kids is not just a right and privilege, the way I see it, it's good for them.

Note I said kissing. Not sex. Not a 15-minute-long make-out session with tongues and groping of one another's asses.

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But a kiss hello or goodbye? A spontaneous swoop in just to say "honey, I love you" while you're making dinner? I'm all about that kind of PDA in front of my kid

When her dad and I kiss or when Brad and Angie kiss in front of Zahara and her siblings, the message that's being sent is one of love. You're modeling a healthy relationship, one that they'll remember when they get older and start looking for someone to settle down with.

Moments of love between parents are also reassuring for kids. With divorce a pretty common thing in America these days, most kids have at least a handful of friends whose parents aren't together anymore. I know my daughter has asked if that's going to happen to us; just because it's happened to her friends' parents. When she sees us kiss or hug or hold hands, we're sending her a message that things are OK here at home, that she doesn't need to worry -- everything's good on the home front.

Considering their relationship is constantly being splashed on magazine covers (and more than a few times there have been rumors of breakups), Angelina and Brad have to send the same message to their kids, and those kisses do a world of wonder. Even if they do gross them out!

Do you kiss in front of your kids? What do the kids say about it?

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