Britney Spears Dreams of a Baby Girl

Britney SpearsAttention, fellas. Britney Spears wants another baby -- specifically, a baby girl. The pop star, who already has two adorable boys, wants what a lot of women want: A little girl to call her own. Britney made the announcement on Extra when she spoke to Mario Lopez, who has a young daughter. "I have a girl," Mario Lopez told the singer. "I'm very jealous 'cause you have boys."

Britney replied: "Aww! I want a girl." When Mario teased her that this was something she might work toward, she responded, "Yes."

I think it's natural for parents to have a preference for one sex over the other. But is it realistic?


A friend of mine is pregnant with her second child. Her first is a little boy. She got the sonogram and told me she was so upset to find out she was having another boy. Not upset as in she wouldn't be grateful just to have a healthy child, blah blah blah, but she wanted a girl! Hey, understandable. However, you've got a 50-50 shot at each sex. I think that means that while it's okay to wish for one over the other, if you're going to get pregnant, then you need to be okay with either. More than okay. You need to be happy about it.

Should you keep trying for the sex you want? That just seems overkill. Bring another boy, or perhaps several boys, into the world just so you might possibly get a girl? Or vice versa? Maybe if you're filthy rich and happen to adore children -- and would be ecstatic to have 20 of them -- this would work. For the rest of us, having even one more child is a HUGE decision, and will have big repercussions on our lives. You don't have one just so you hope that this time you get the sex you want.

Here's another story. I have a friend who had a young daughter. It's the sex she wanted. But her daughter thinks she's a boy. I don't mean thinks she's a tomboy -- thinks she's a BOY. Dresses in boys' clothes. Refuses to be called by her female name. So there you go. Desperately wanting a girl, so maybe you can dress her up like a princess and do her hair, may not even be what you get! Even if you pay tens of thousands to guarantee the sex of your child.

I say be grateful for what you have. So many people have children with severe disabilities. Or children who die of myriad diseases at a young age. By all means, have another child if you want one. But don't have one solely in the hopes that you'll finally get that little girl or boy.

Do you think parents should have another child hoping for the sex they want?


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