44-Year-Old 'Real Housewife' Kyle Richards Wants Another Baby

kyle richardsReal Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards may want to have another baby. The 44-year-old reality star already has four kids, but recently admitted that "she always wants another baby" and never feels like she's "completely done [having kids]".

Sure, 44 may be considered "old" to have kids (especially when you already have four), but I say go for it. In some ways, I don't think there could be a better time for Kyle to have another baby.


The "right" age to have kids is a topic that's long been debated, and clearly there's never going to be a "right" answer, but hear my argument in favor of having kids later in life: You've learned from your mistakes.

By no means are kids social experiments, but the fact is, parenthood is a constant learning experience. We don't always get things right the first go-round (in fact, we may get them really, really wrong). When we have our second child -- or in Kyle's case, her potential fifth -- we're equipped with knowledge there's no way we could have otherwise had.

No, parenting isn't one-size-fits-all, and what works for one kid may not work for the second, but from what every single person has told me, the first one is the hardest. I know it sounds insane, but the first few weeks of my daughter's life, she kept crying and I had no idea that it was because she was hungry. I'd think: "She just ate. That can't possibly be the reason." Crazy to think, looking back, but at the time, I was kind of clueless as to what was going on. Should I have another, that won't happen!

So, Kyle, I say do it! You're practically a parenting expert with your four kids. Your fifth will be a culmination of everything you've learned over the past few years, and nary a mistake will be made.

Okay, maybe one mistake will made, but that will be a damn well-adjusted kid.

What do you think is the "right" age to have kids?

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