Holly Madison Breaks Down While Giving Birth on Camera (VIDEO)

holly has a babyDo you remember how emotional you got when you pushed your first baby out into the world? When Holly Madison gave birth to her baby, Rainbow Aurora, cameras caught a very emotional moment. The E! special "Holly Has a Baby" shows the new mama just seconds before her daughter makes her first appearance -- and Holly breaks into tears.

Just before her final push, she whimpers, "I'm scared!" Then little Rainbow comes out (the camera is tastefully angled away from the action) and is placed on Holly's chest. She tells her new baby, "I love you, hi Baby." But right before that, she says, "What do I do?" Classic! That's new motherhood right there in a nutshell.


It was definitely like that for me, only I was a lot less photogenic at the time. Holly looks like she had her makeup and hair done for labor -- I love it. I looked more like I'd just crawled out of Apocalypse Now. My labor was more physically active, and they let the epidural wear off so I could feel myself pushing. Of course I cried when my son finally came out and I saw him for the first time. It was such an intense moment -- so many emotions rushing through you, not to mention so many hormones!

I also remember earlier in my labor the nurse telling me, "Just think, when this is all over, you'll have a beautiful baby!" And I thought, "WTF, a baby?!? What have I done? I'm not ready!" You know, that same panic Holly must have been feeling when she kept saying, "I'm scared." That's totally understandable -- your life has just changed radically. But in a wonderful way that will make you grow.

Did you have a rush of mixed emotions like this when you gave birth to your first baby?


Image via E!

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