Suri Cruise Launches Her Own Fashion Line at Age 7 (Will Be President at 13)

suri cruiseLike most 7-year-old girls, Suri Cruise seems to be obsessed with pretty dresses. Particularly pretty pink dresses. And shiny/sparkly shoes, also ideally in pink. Unlike most 7-year-old girls, however, Suri Cruise is turning her love of fashion into a career: The only daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise has reportedly signed a deal to launch her own clothing line for approximately $2.2 million. The line, which will be for young girls and called (appropriately) Suri, is set to debut at an as-yet-undisclosed New York department store this fall with plans to expand across the country (if all goes well). 

Okay, so, certainly there are many eyes rolling at this news. And I must admit, if I were, say, a struggling designer, I would pretty much be banging my head against the wall in frustration right about now.


But hey, it's not like Suri's actually going to be cutting fabric and sewing samples (though she will have "creative input"). Nor is her line likely to give somebody like Marc Jacobs a run for his money.

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Suri had a fun idea and her parents have the money to make it happen. I'm sure, in Katie Holmes' (very expensive) shoes, I would do the same. Anyway, it's an experience sure to make Suri confident in her abilities. Just think: If she's launching her own fashion line at age 7, what's next on the Suri Cruise Timeline of Accomplishments?

Age 8: Branches out into shoes and bags

Age 9: Directs her first film

Age 10: Writes tell-all autobiography

Age 11: Releases solo album produced by Jay-Z

Age 12: Takes over OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network

Age 13: Elected first female president of the U.S.

After that ... space travel? Becoming pope? Better get on that kid's good side now, if you know what I'm saying.

Do you think Suri Cruise should have her own fashion line?


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