If Beyonce Is Pregnant, the Timing Couldn't Be Better (Or Worse)

Is Beyonce pregnant with baby number two? The New York Post seems to think so. The tabloid, which isn't exactly known for its accuracy, says that "multiple sources" told Page Six that Beyonce and husband Jay-Z are expecting a little brother or sister for Blue Ivy. This would apparently explain Bey's choice of gown at the Met Gala, which was high-waisted and had a large belt covering her midsection. Pictures have also surfaced of Bey on tour and she looks like she could be sporting a telltale baby bump -- or last night's cheese plate, however you want to look at it. But Bey has said she wants a sibling for Blue Ivy, telling Good Morning America last year, "I would like more children. I think my daughter needs some company. I definitely love being a big sister."


Blue Ivy was born only 15 months ago, so it would be a tad soon to be having baby number two, especially if you also happen to be a world famous singer who is on tour. However, it's not totally insane. Lots of people have babies close in age. There are some pros and cons to not having much of an age gap.


Baby mode. Having one kid right after the other means you're already in "baby mode" -- accustomed to feedings, early risings, interrupted sleep patterns, changing diapers, etc. -- and don't have to make too much of an adjustment when baby numero dos comes along.

Playmates. Children closer in age will more likely be able to play with each other and keep each other occupied.

Dad. Having two young kids means dad is forced to step into the action than he otherwise might if you've got one and it's all "under control."

Independence. When they're older, you won't have to be dealing with a baby and can enjoy having two kids who are now more independent. Basically, you get the babying out of the way early.

Hand-me-downs. Whether it's clothes, toys, or schools, you have a hand-me-down instantly ready.


No recuperation. You have less opportunity to recuperate from pregnancy, late feedings, lack of sleep, etc., before you're right back at it again. Which can be a pro too, as noted above. All depends on how tired you are!

YIKES! Have two kids below age 3. Need I say more?

Bonding cut short. You won't get too know your first child as a total individual before your focus is shifted away to baby deux.

More fighting. Kids close in age will be more likely to fight over the same things -- like toys, your attention, food, friends, etc.

No free babysitter. Older sibling can't help take care of younger sibling.

What do you think is the ideal time between children?


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