Wacky Reality Star Says Breastfeeding Is 'Incestual' & 'Gross' (VIDEO)

I think women should get to decide whether breastfeeding is right for them and not be judged by other women for their decision. I know a woman who couldn't produce enough milk for her child and needed to supplement it with formula, and yet my other friend, who is not a judgmental person on the whole, said she just "hadn't tried hard enough." Woah. Women really get crazy on this whole breastfeeding issue. So I have no problem with the fact that model and Miss USA runnerup Shanna Moakler, who used to have a realty show with her former husband Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, didn't breastfeed any of her three children. But her reason is the wackiest I've ever heard!


A TMZ videocamera guy stops Shanna in what appears to be a parking garage and asks her if she's ever heard of the "fact" that babies who are breastfed are more likely to be slim than those who weren't. (Leave it to these TMZ guys to come up with such celeb stoppers!)

"I've never heard of that," says Shanna, a mom of three. "I didn't breastfeed. I'm selfish."

Okaaaaay. So far she's sounding a tad drunk or off her rocker, but whatever. I think it's okay to want to not breastfeed for your own reasons. She should have had the sense to stop there, but does she look like she has sense to you? So she continues ...

"I just look at my breasts as like sexual ... and it's incestual and gross ... I don't like it. I couldn't do it." Err, what?!

Shanna sounds like she can't think of herself as anything OTHER than an object of sexual desire. Shanna, your babies wouldn't be sucking on your boobs for sexual purposes, ya weirdo. This is what happens when you spend your whole life on the beauty and modeling circuit. Shanna, babies just want food, not nookie. Comprende?

It's bad enough that men sexualize women's breasts and breastfeeding to the point where women still have to fight for the right to breastfeed in public, but women have to do it too?

What do you think about what Shanna says?

Image via TMZ

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