Beyoncé Wants Another Baby for All the Wrong Reasons

BeyonceIt sounds like there's yet another celebrity we can go ahead and put on "bump watch," now that Beyoncé admits she wants more kids with Jay-Z.

Bey's little girl, Blue Ivy, is a year old now, so I guess it's not too surprising that she has babies on the brain and is considering giving her daughter a sibling. But her reasoning for adding to her family sounds, well -- just a little bit off.


She said, "I would like more children," then added, "I think my daughter needs some company."

Company? By phrasing it that way, it almost sounds like the poor kid is by herself all the time or something.

Bey then gushed about her love for Blue by saying, "I am very protective. I just want to make sure that she can have a healthy, safe, normal life ... in the back of my mind, she's my priority. And life is completely different now. So I'm—I feel really, really just lucky that I can still do what I love, and now have a way bigger meaning. And that's to be her mother."

Ok -- wait a minute. Maybe she just wasn't thinking about the way her words were coming out, but what exactly does "in the back of my mind, she's my priority" mean?

(What the heck is going on in the front of her mind?)

Again, maybe I'm taking what she said the wrong way, but saying Blue is in the back of her mind, coupled with the statement about her needing some company, makes me think Beyoncé wants another baby simply because she's feeling guilty.

By saying she needs company, it almost sounds like she's so busy these days that she doesn't spend as much time with Blue as she'd like, so maybe giving her a brother or sister to hang out with would help.

And as the mom of an only child, I can totally relate. There have been quite a few times over the course of my son's life that I've felt a little bad about him not having a sibling, simply because there are times when it's just him and he doesn't have other kids around to play with. But not once have I ever considered having another baby for the sole purpose of making sure he's not alone.

If you're going to take a step as big as having more children, it should be because it's something you want to do -- not because it's something you feel you have to do. And yes -- I know Beyoncé didn't say that's the only reason she's thinking of having more, and I'm sure deep down, she really does want to experience motherhood a second time around.

But based on her comments, it really just seems like now might not be the right time for her and Jay-Z to add another baby into the mix.

When the first thing that pops into her head is, "OMG I want another child right now" -- that's when she'll know it's time to get working on baby number two. In the meantime, she ought to just give herself a break and enjoy the time she has with Blue Ivy as an only child -- because she'll never be able to get those precious moments back again.

Would you ever have another baby out of guilt?


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