Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy’s Parenting Fail at Daughter’s Birthday Bash Is One They Need to Work On

Bethenny Frankel's divorce from Jason Hoppy sounds like a doozy. She's called it "excruciating." She's said she feels like a failure. Still, the warring couple managed to get together to celebrate daughter Bryn's third birthday. Though from the sound of it, it makes you wonder if one of them should stay home from now on. Apparently the pair "did not interact" during the entire party! Yikes. You mean no quick, "Hey, three years ago we mutually created this beautiful human being. High five!" Nope. None of that fuzzy wuzzy stuff.


A source says that Bryn was very happy to see her parents together in the same room -- and it's commendable that the exes were willing to stomach each other for the length of time of the party. (Though maybe it was a large venue and they were able to stand on different floors!)

But if this is what Bryn has to look forward to for all of her life's major events and holidays, then Bethenny and Jason either need to learn how to act friendly to each other when their daughter is around, or they need to figure out how to divvy up milestones -- who gets the school play? Who gets prom night? Who gets graduation? Who gets the wedding?

Because, seriously, there is nothing worse than parents who clearly can't stand each other in the same room together. It's just awkward for everyone -- and especially excruciating for the children. Even if divorced parents think they're doing the right thing, if their feelings are so toxic that they spend the time making digs at each other (digs usually passed to the kids and not each other), or giving each other evil looks, or making everyone uncomfortable as they go out of their way to avoid each other, then, honestly, it's just better if one person stays home.

I remember one of the major reasons I dreaded ever getting married was the idea of having a wedding and having to figure out how I'd have my mom and father -- who hadn't seen each other for ages -- in the same room. Would I seriously have to worry about THEM on my wedding day? Just like I'd always worried about THEM?

But then the wedding never happened. And a couple of years later, I found myself in a restaurant with both parents. They hadn't seen or spoken to each other for decades.

And they were fine with each other. In fact, the whole thing was quite fun!

But by then it was all water under the bridge. And I was old enough to not stress about other people's issues. And they were old enough to have completely forgotten why they never liked each other.

But I hope Jason and Bethenny can figure it out before then. For Bryn's sake.

Have you ever had awkward times with divorced parents? Or your ex?


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