Charlie Sheen's Twins Are Taken Away From Ex-Wife & Given to Unlikely Guardian

Charlie Sheen's children were reportedly removed from the home of their mother, Brooke Mueller, last night. TMZ reports that children's services removed 4-year-old twins Bob and Max from Mueller's home because it was deemed "unsafe" and the toddlers were placed with Charlie, their father. Haha. No, of course they weren't. That would make too much sense! I mean, unless you know Charlie Sheen. No, no, the kids were placed with none other than Charlie's ex-wife, Denise Richards, mother of his two daughters. I hope somebody is filming all of this for a reality show; otherwise, this shit is just too bizarre for words.


Sources tell TMZ that Brooke's home was found to be unsafe for the toddlers because it was suspected that she was using drugs again. Anyone who has followed the stellar career of Brooke Mueller knows she has struggled with drug abuse for a long time.

But to have the kids somehow end up with your ex's ex? Only in Hollywood! You mean to tell me that the first thought wasn't, Let's put the kids with their father, but, Let's put the kids with their father's ex-wife?

Well, apparently this isn't so nutty after all. Bob and Max are half-brothers to Denise's kids -- and apparently Denise and Brooke are friends. In the past Denise has said about her daughter's and Brooke's sons:

They’re our family and they’re Sam and Lola’s brothers, and I can’t imagine growing up without my sister, so anytime [Brooke] needs help, I’m there for the boys. [Sam and Lola] are the best big sisters to [the boys] and they love them.

Denise has stepped up in the past when Brooke has gone to rehab and temporarily taken care of the kids. Authorities must have thought Denise was the best choice this time and Denise must have agreed. Baffling that Charlie isn't the one stepping up to raise his own kids every time Brooke gets in trouble though. Maybe "baffling" is the wrong word. Maybe I mean "typical."

Imagine divorcing your husband, and he marries another woman. They have two kids. And a few years down the road, you're taking care of those kids. Denise is a saint!

At least the kids seem to be in a good place. Now I hope Brooke can get it together once and for all.

Would you take on your ex-husband's kids with his next wife?


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