Celine Dion's 2-Year-Old Son Wears Heels & Idiots Freak Out (VIDEO)

celine dion son heelsSinger Celine Dion recently shared a photo of her son in heels, and wow, is it one of the cutest things ever to grace the Internet! Celine snapped a pic of her 2-year-old boy, Nelson, in a pair of her shoes, and it pretty much looks like they were made for him! I swear, this child rocks a black stiletto better than any woman I know. But, uh-oh, guys, a little boy in heels! What's going to happen?! Is he going to grow up to be a cross-dressing serial killer? Should we call the authorities? Or, at the very least, the fashion police?


I kid. Obviously. This child is stunning. And to be totally frank here, I kind of want that blazer. But just like people freaked out about J.Crew exec Jenna Lyons painting her son's toenails pink, they're freaking out about this. Because it's not conventional, and not what we're used to. But newsflash: A little boy wearing heels or pink nail polish will not "turn him gay". You don't "turn someone gay". And if Nelson does wind up being gay, who cares?!

I have an idea. The next time we see an adorable photo of a baby, why don't we all just think: Awww! Nothing more, nothing less. If it's a baby with a bottle: Awww!; not: Is that baby being fed formula? If it's a baby in a bed: Awww!; not: Is that baby cosleeping? And if it's an adorable little boy in heels: Awww! Because, I mean, seriously, Awww!

Parenting is exhausting enough. Do we really need to always turn it into a battle?

Do you feel judged as a mom? And, um, how cute is Celine Dion's little boy?

Image via ABC

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