Edward Norton Has a Baby Boy! Wait, What?

edward nortonThere's another new celeb baby on the block. Actor Edward Norton is a proud papa. His fiancee Shauna Robertson gave birth to their baby boy back in March, but we're just now hearing about it. A source tells Us Weekly that Ed and Shauna are "thrilled and excited for parenthood." Here's what I have to say: IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN MY BABY! Durr, I mean, congratulations.

This is not about me, or my longstanding crush on Edward Norton, or what a beautiful baby we would have made together, or the names I'd already picked out. This is about Ed, Shauna, and ... hey, what is the baby's name, anyway?


Well ha ha, all of us. We don't get to find out! Not yet, anyway. The couple has not released the name of Baby Boy Norton, and they're not even commenting on the birth, which they didn't bother telling us about until now.

So for now we can only speculate. Maybe they named the baby after one of the characters Norton has played. Here's a few promising ideas:

  • Holden -- Everyone Says I Love You
  • Lester, AKA "Worm" -- Rounders
  • Sheldon, AKA "Smoochy" -- Death to Smoochy
  • Nelson -- Frida
  • King -- Kingdom of Heaven
  • Bruce -- The Incredible Hulk
  • Scout Master Ward -- Moonrise Kingdom

Come to think of it, Scout would make a cute boy's name, don't you think? I think they should definitely use Smoochy as a nickname. Maybe not Worm.

How did they keep this new baby a secret for so long? Geez! I remember seeing something about Robertson expecting. And then boom -- he's here. Well, I guess you can hide from the paparazzi if you really want to. And it probably helps if your last name isn't Kardashian.

How do you think Norton and Robertson kept the baby a secret for so long?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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