Rihanna Pregnancy Rumors Can Only Mean One Thing

rihannaJust when you thought there was nothing more that RiRi could do to shock you. Now there are rumors that Rihanna is pregnant. The baby talk began after the pop star cancelled four concert dates during her Diamonds World Tour. Originally sources said it was because of a throat infection, but a month later, she's still taking it easy. If she is, in fact, preggers, there is just one thing left for the star to do.


She needs to change everything about her life ASAP. It's encouraging to know that she will put her health first when necessary. A lot of performers push through pain and illness, refusing to disappoint fans, only to end up getting sicker or more badly injured. So it's great that Rihanna will take whatever time she needs, whether that is a handful of concerts or an entire tour.

Taking a step back at work isn't the only priority shift. Being pregnant also should mean no more hard partying. We all know this good girl gone bad loves to hang. We are always hearing about her living it up at clubs with friends. She is also fond of posting pictures of herself smoking. That's a no-no if you want a healthy pregnancy. But perhaps the most important change she may have to make is in her relationship. Right now, everyone assumes that if she is pregnant, the baby's father is Chris Brown. That's no stretch of the imagination by any means. They have been on and off for over a year. Though the last thing she should be dealing with is a stressful, messy love life. What she needs is to focus on herself and that baby -- if there is a baby.

All signs point to something going on medically. TMZ recently spotted the star coming out of a medical building in Beverly Hills. Something is definitely up with the Rihanna. Let's just hope she's ready for whatever that is.

Do you think Rihanna is really pregnant?

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