Harvey Weinstein Has Baby at 62 & We're Still Picking on Halle Berry?

Harvey WeinsteinHarvey Weinstein just became a new dad. The 62-year-old movie producer's wife, Georgina Chapman, just gave birth to a baby boy. Did you hear all the outrage across America?

What? You didn't? Well, no, of course you didn't. Because America was up in arms that Halle Berry dared get pregnant at 46 (going on 47), but no one is saying a darn thing about how old Harvey is going to be when his kid graduates from high school.



Harvey Weinstein will be 80 in 18 years when his son turns 18. Which is 15 years OLDER than Halle will be, although I've heard much being made of the fact that her little bun will have an old granny for a mom at graduation.

The new dad is already eligible for Social Security, and he's been eligible for AARP benefits for the past 12 years.

And yet, I haven't heard a peep out of anyone about how irresponsible the chair of the Weinstein Company is being bringing new life into this world. Because why would we? He's a man. Men who keep on making babies into the geriatric years are stunning examples of virility. Women who procreate after age 35 are flirting with disaster.

Granted, only women bear the issue of how their bodies can (or can't) handle pregnancy as time marches on. But once a baby arrives, an older mother's ability to handle parenthood is more or less on par with a father's. In fact, considering women have, on average, longer life expectancies than American men, an older mom has a better chance of sticking around to see her kid's grow up.

So why can't society just leave older moms alone?

I've read everything from critiques that Berry is being "selfish" to produce a child who she may not (or may!!) live to see get married and have kids to prophecies that this child will end up in therapy because of his or her mom's advanced age.

Now consider the non-existent comments on Weinstein's age in relation to that of his new son. Or those about Donald Trump (whose youngest son, Barron, was born the year papa turned 60)? Or how about how all those haters who ... didn't ... come out when 67-year-old Steve Martin's wife delivered a new baby back in February?

I wouldn't want society dropping the same criticisms on these men, but the stark difference between how these folks are treated makes it hard to draw any conclusion but a sexist one.

Do you think older parents of both genders should be treated the same or do you see a difference?


Image via Getty Images/Kevork Djansezian

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