First Pictures of Jenna Bush Hager's Baby Are Beyond Adorable (VIDEO)

Mila Bush HagerIf you need a little sweetness in your day today, you need look no further than the first pictures of Mila Bush Hager that have been released. She was born to mom Jenna Bush Hager and dad Henry Hager this weekend, and seeing her surrounded by them and proud grandparents George W. and Laura is just a straight up shot of joy.

Mila, which is short for Margaret Laura, was born Saturday night, and couldn't be a luckier little girl. The former president seems thrilled about his new status as grandpa, and released a statement saying as much this weekend. But it's the pictures (oh the pictures!) that say it all. Jenna released the shots of Mila with her and her family to the Today show, and they will seriously make you want a baby.


I thought I had absolutely zero yearning for another baby, but I admit these tug at my ovaries more than a little bit. She's just so sweet and tiny. Those little fingers and toes!

This family has such an incredible legacy, and so much history. Whether you agree with them politically or not, you know they're going to love this little girl, and she will have every opportunity in the world.

These photos of George W. holding his twins girls in 1981 and then with Mila now are just such a stark reminder of how quickly time passes and of how the world changes as it does. It's certainly not a perfect world, as we so brutally saw yesterday with the Boston Marathon explosions, but it's also a world filled with tiny, beautiful miracles like this who promise hope for the future.

Congratulations to the family. I hope they continue to share photos as Mila continues to grow and further melt their hearts.

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Do you love these pictures of Mila Bush Hager?


Image via Today

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