Kristen Bell Thinks Tom Arnold's Baby Is Cuter Than Hers

kristen bellKristen Bell went and did something no mother has ever done before: She publicly admitted that another baby is cuter than her own. Kristen Bell recently tweeted to Tom Arnold, who also just had a baby: "Tom Arnold your baby is so much cuter than ours. Big deal. I can admit the facts." Seriously? Did that just happen? I mean, I know we haven't seen Lincoln Bell Shepard yet (and Tom Arnold's son Jax is pretty damn cute), but I think we need to mark the time here, because literally no mom has ever done this before in the history of momdom.


Okay, Kristen was obviously joking, but let's discuss something for a minute here, Moms: How cute are our babies?!

Let's face it: Newborns can be weird-looking. They're wrinkly and red and often come with flaky scalps and feet. They cry and they poop and spit up all over you (constantly). But when they're our own -- they couldn't be more perfect and beautiful. You could give birth to the strangest, homeliest baby on the block (not that there's such a thing), but the second you lay eyes on your little one, you're done. What other people think of your baby is, of course, a different story, but to you, you wouldn't have them any other way.

Kristen, I appreciate your sense of humor, but might I suggest something here? Shut down your Twitter once your daughter is old enough to read. We may think it's funny, but not so sure Lincoln will see the humor in it!

Do you think your baby is the cutest thing in the world? (Do I even need to ask this?)


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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