Jessica Simpson's Second Baby Shower Sounds More Elaborate Than Her First (PHOTO)

Jessica Simpson baby shower
Some of Jessica Simpson's gifts
Every pregnancy is exciting. Whether it's your first, second, or fifth child, it's cause for a (non-alcoholic) champagne toast. But, is it cause for an elaborate baby shower? Some think so. Jessica Simpson had her second baby shower over the weekend, and while the whole event (yes, it was an event) sounds like it was adorable, was it really necessary?


First off, let me make something clear here -- I am not a Jessica Simpson hater. I think she's sweet and lovely and I may or may not own the entire Newlyweds series on DVD. But two balls-to-the-wall baby showers? Especially when the pregnancies are so close to one another? (It's not like Jess is dealing with baby stuff that's from the 1970s.) Seems a little bit like overkill.

I know that Jessica is having a boy this time around, so she wants to stock up on blue onesies instead of pink, and mini-Jordans instead of ballet flats, but -- just saying here -- can't she get all those things without a party? (She's rich!) Again, pregnancies are always beautiful, and they ought to be celebrated, but a Tom Sawyer-themed baby shower, complete with a grilled cheese station, just doesn't seem necessary this go 'round. I kind of feel like a "sprinkle" would have been more apropos here. But that's just me.

Regardless, congrats, Jess.

Did you have two or more baby showers?


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