'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Saves Son's Life During Terrifying Choking Incident

jenelle evans son jaceI wouldn't necessarily call Teen Mom Jenelle Evans a great mother -- she doesn't have custody, she's admitted to a heroin addiction, and she surrounds herself with abusive men -- but I do believe she only wants the best for her son Jace and would do anything to protect him if he was in danger. Case in point, Jenelle shared on Twitter last night that she saved her baby's life after he started choking.

And I quote:


I saved my sons life today. Scariest incident in my life. #MotherInstincts

There was a silly, monkey-like smiley face after "#motherinstincts", but I decided to spare you the emoji.

Jenelle went on to explain that she and Jace were hanging out, being all cute and snugly, then five seconds later, he was choking on a peppermint.

Most moms have been there, done that: one second everything's fine, the next, one of your kids has swallowed something whole and is turning blue. It's terrifying!

She said she was in a panic and "patted his back like three times and he didn't cough it up so I stood behind him and did the Heimlich maneuver."

All I can say is thank god Jenelle was able to help her son in this situation. Maybe this near-death experience will bring them closer. Maybe she'll realize that all the partying and drama is keeping her from spending precious moments with her son, whose life could be taken at any moment.

Or, maybe not. After Peppermint Gate, Jenelle and her husband Courtland, who just pleaded guilty to the battery of their unborn child, had a lovefest on Twitter. Guess her priorities will never change.

What do you think about Jenelle's #motherinstincts?


Photo via jevans 8209/Instagram

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