Justin Bieber Is Tired of Being a Mama's Boy

justin bieberI don't envy Justin Bieber's mom, Pattie Mallette. Her teenage son has kind of gone off the rails lately. Now word has it the singer is mad at his mom for daring to say she "prays" for him.

Awww. Poor widdle baby!



It sounds like the Biebs has gotten too big for his britches now that he's gone and turned 19. He might want to remember who used to put those britches on when he was too young to do it himself.

He may be a teenager, but he's still Pattie's kid. And she can pray for him all she wants.

Not fair? Sure it is. Teenagers may chafe at the idea that they're someone's "baby," but that's something moms (and dads) never really let go of. And I'll dare say that's OK.

I'm not suggesting you go all lawnmower mom and push your teenager's hurdles out of their way as you did when they were babies and actually needed your help. Nor would I suggest you go the helicopter mom route and hover over them constantly. 

As the old saying goes, kids need not just roots but wings too. They need to be let loose.

Which is what Mallette has done with Bieber. She's let him make his own (bad) choices lately. It's the only way he's going to learn the consequences of them.

But that doesn't mean she's stopped caring about him or wishing he'd straighten up. He's still her little boy somewhere on the inside of the hulking man beast who lunges at photographers and whines that $20,000 parties in London aren't good enough for his birthday. And if she wants to pray for him, the little brat should be grateful ... he's got the unconditional love of his Mom. How lucky is he? 

When do you think kids stop being your baby? The teen years? Ever?


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