Beyonce Is Proof That You Can Be Fat & Pregnant at the Same Time

BeyonceWhew! Finally, somebody had the balls to speak up and say something. And after hearing that Beyonce felt "crazy fat" during her pregnancy, maybe the rest of us can open up about how our swollen bodies made us feel when we were expecting too.

Bey put on nearly 60 pounds while waiting for little Blue Ivy to arrive and says, "There were moments when I felt my nose had spread 20 inches, and my face felt crazy fat, and my lips were swollen, and I gained 57 pounds! But ultimately I enjoyed it."

OMG. I SO feel her on this one.


If anyone knows what she means by "crazy fat," it's me, because I was more like "insane fat" when I was preggo with my son -- and I didn't even gain as much weight as she did.

My face was fat. My fingers were twice their normal size, to the point where I couldn't wear my wedding rings anymore. My arms and legs were fat. Heck, even my neck was fat. Yes, I know I was pregnant, but I was also F-A-T, and I was fat in places I never knew it was possible to be fat.

And that brings us to the argument of whether or not it's acceptable to refer to pregnant women as fat. This has been a hot topic for a while, but especially since Kim Kardashian became pregnant. She's been "fat shamed" on practically every tabloid cover on store shelves, and yes, I think it's totally unacceptable and inappropriate.

That being said, I do firmly believe that you can be fat and pregnant at the same time -- because I experienced it. But as a general rule, the only person who should even think about calling a pregnant woman fat is herself. I had no problem letting everyone I came into contact with know that I felt like a cow -- but then a co-worker threw the "F" word in my face and I may or may not have yelled and thrown a paper plate at her in the break room.

She looked at me and said in a very annoying and sing-songy voice, "Oh, sweetie, it's OK that you're fat."

(Eff you, lady.)

I'm still pissed about her words to this day -- and my kid is 7 years old. But still, I'll be the first one to shout from the rooftops that I was fat as fat could be during my pregnancy -- and I'm not the least bit ashamed to put that label on myself.

(Yet another reason why I never plan on being pregnant again.)

Have you felt fat during your pregnancy?


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