Snooki Thinks Pregnancy Is Disgusting & She's Right (VIDEO)

Snooki has changed a lot since she became pregnant with little meatball Lorenzo, but some things stay the same. She still doesn't flinch when it comes to opening her mouth. Recently, Snooks sounded off on motherhood myths -- including that pregnancy is "glamorous" and "cute." Let's just say that Snooki has a much different idea about pregnancy and it's one a lot of mothers probably feel but aren't too eager to announce. That's where our favorite guidette comes in.


Snooki told a TMZ cameraman:

Everybody makes [pregnancy] seem like it's so glamorous and cute. But it's hell. It was disgusting. I hated it.

Hmm, what's there not to like, Nicole? Morning sickness? Swollen ankles? Peeing every 10 minutes? Hemorrhoids? Weight gain? Heartburn? How certain smells make you want to vomit? How about that weird ass metallic taste you get in your mouth for no reason? Not being able to drown your sorrows in tequila for nine months (more if you breastfeed)? But I digress.

Snooki goes on to clarify that the "reward" of all of that disgusting pregnancy is "awesome" and that she wants another kid as soon as she moves out of Jionni's parents' basement (MTV, what you paying this woman?!) and gets a house. But maybe she'll do it by surrogate or Petri dish next time. Actually, she doesn't say that but who could blame her if she did?

Yeah, sure, there are woman like Kate Hudson, who said she would love being pregnant all of the time, or Kourtney Kardashian, who called both of her pregnancies "super easy." But it's not for everyone. Hell, even Kate Middleton has a rough one.

So if your pregnancy sucks, you at least know you're not alone. You shouldn't feel like a failure or there's necessarily something wrong with you. You can take comfort in knowing that many, many women think pregnancy is hell. So thanks for the public service announcement, Snooki.

What was your pregnancy like?

Image via TMZ

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