Halle Berry's Sexy Black Dress Shows Off Her Baby Bump Perfectly (PHOTO)

halle berryUnless you were at a MENSA conference this weekend, you probably heard that Halle Berry, 46, is pregnant for the second time. Congrats! She and her smokin' hot fiance Olivier Martinez are expecting a little bundle of joy some time after Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian deliver. (Note: That's how all doctors will be giving due dates from here on out -- how it relates, time-wise, to Kim's and Kate's births.)

Shortly after the announcement, Halle debuted her baby bump in a tight black dress. Well, not sure she debuted her baby bump as much as she went out into the world. But regardless, hot damn is Halle one hot mama!


The actress was honored at the Four Seasons in New York for her work with the United Nations World Food Programme. She wore a skin-tight black sheath dress by Michael Kors and, naturally, strappy sexy sandals with mega-high heels. She looked fantastic, because, duh, she's Halle Berry. And Halle Berry would look fantastic pregnant with sextuplets and covered in mayonnaise.

Although many are clutching their pearls in shock over the fact that Halle is pregnant at the ripe ol' age of 46, I want to bring something up: The woman doesn't exactly have one foot in the grave, for crissake. Yes, 46 is "advanced maternal age", but in the grand scheme of things, 46 isn't old.

Halle brought up a good point in an interview last year. She said: "I'm a much better mother at 46, or 41 when I had her, than if I were 21 or 25. I'm so glad I waited." And isn't that true? Aren't we all better people -- more fit for parenting -- the older we get? We have things figured out; we're more financially stable; we've got our shit together. Mentally, we're in a better place. Personally, I think it's far more admirable (and far less shocking) for a woman of Halle's age to get pregnant than, say, a Teen Mom.

But that's just me. And, hey, Halle, apparently!

Do you think Halle is "too old" to have a baby?

Image via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

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