Jessica Biel Thinks Having Babies Is a Competition

jessica bielBased on a friendly little joke Jessica Biel made about Beverley Mitchell's baby -- it sounds as though Mrs. Justin Timberlake may be feeling the pressure to produce a bun in the oven.

Beverley, who is Jessica's good friend and Seventh Heaven co-star, just welcomed a baby girl, Kenzie Lynne, on March 28th, and Biel took to Twitter to offer congratulations to her pal.

She said, "I made French toast today and Beverley Mitchell made a baby. She wins. Congrats!"

Aww. "She wins." Kinda cute, right?


But even though Jessica was being playful, it's hard not to think that joking about motherhood being a competition possibly means that she's a bit intimidated by her friend having a baby.

A lot of women start getting a little antsy and feel pressured to hop on the baby bandwagon once their friends start having kids -- which was definitely the case for me.

I always thought I'd wait about five years or so to have a baby after getting married. But when a couple of my good friends welcomed little ones not too long after I got hitched -- I suddenly found myself feeling like I should hurry up and get started already.

Either the competitive side of me took over, and I felt like my girlfriends had acquired some sort of prize that I wanted a piece of too -- or I just wanted to fit in and be part of the "club."

It's like I was missing this amazing phase of life that they were all bonding over, and it made me feel left out. And it's probably part of the reason the baby bug hit me two years into my marriage instead of five -- though in hindsight, it was definitely the perfect time.

Thankfully, when my friends all started having their second and third babies, my competitive streak magically disappeared and I stopped "keeping score." I'm perfectly fine with letting them "win" from here on out.

As for Jessica, I wouldn't be at all surprised if she's sporting a baby bump by the end of 2013. If hearing about Beverley's baby brought out feelings of competitiveness, just wait till she holds that little girl for the first time.

Did you feel pressured to have a baby after your friends did?


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