Kendall Jenner Admits Being a Kardashian Has Ruined Her Childhood

kendall & kylie jennerThe Kardashians are easy targets. After all, they put every single aspect of their lives on display, so they must expect all that criticism and ridicule. Though, not every member of the clan sought reality TV fame as desperately has Kris Jenner and eldest daughters Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney. Specifically, I am referring to Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Of course there are plenty benefits to being a member of the Kardash crew, but, as Kendall recently admitted, growing up in the spotlight can be a treacherous existence at times.


With their very staged, well-choreographed lifestyle, it's easy to forget that underneath the glitz and glamour they have feelings just as real as the rest of us. That is especially true of Kendall and Kylie, who are really just kids. In the new issue of Cosmopolitan, Kendall opens up about her own struggles with the stardom that was thrust upon her. While she appreciates all the material things the show has brought them, she still craves a "normal" childhood and to be "left alone" at times.

It's actually a serious issue. How many former child stars have we seen with emotional issues because of the way they grew up. They are missing something that is crucial to developing into a well-rounded human being. Having a childhood is an important experience for all of us.

I know it's hard for most people to feel sorry for someone who seems to have so much, but try to imagine how difficult it would be to grow up under a microscope. You can never wear a crappy outfit or have a bad hair day without it being splashed all over the web or in the tabloids. If she looks too skinny -- she must have an eating disorder. She appears a bit bloated one day, she's labeled a porker. Not even an adult would cope well with that constant pressure to be perfect. Honestly, I would never want my daughter to grow up feeling that way. Kendall has never once felt like a regular kid -- and that is really sad.

Do you feel bad for Kendall and Kylie Jenner?


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