Kate Hudson Gives Teen Girls the Best Career & Life Advice They'll Ever Get

kate hudson goldie hawnOne might think that having a famous actress for a mom would make breaking into the biz a breeze, but according to Kate Hudson, trying to step out of mom Goldie Hawn's shadow was both "discouraging and daunting." So the star, mother-of-two and Ann Taylor spokeswoman had a lot of experience to draw from when she addressed an audience of teen girls at the ANNpower Leadership Forum, a mentoring program that puts teens from across the country in contact with successful women in business, entertainment and nonprofits. Hudson's advice?

"Take a chance on your own talent and your ambition because if you don't do that, there's no one else who will."

Damn straight! (Wish somebody said that to ME as a teen.)

Which is not to say that Hudson didn't feel supported by Hawn -- quite the opposite, in fact.


“When I told her I wanted to go into acting, she just said, ‘OK, if this is what you want to do then you’ve got to start thinking straight ... I have been able to deal with the pressures of Hollywood thanks to those early lessons from my mom.”

What I really love about Hudson's speech is that she addressed two huge issues which are both equally relevant to the future success and well-being of teen girls: First, the importance of believing in one's self; second, how she's learned to accept and value both the negative and positive ways her relationship with her mom has affected her life.

Every woman has to learn these lessons at some point -- the earlier, the better. Kate Hudson is lucky in that she seems to have figured herself out at a relatively young age (and has maintained what seems like a great friendship with her mother), but there's no reason why every girl can't follow in her footsteps.

They just need the right advice.

Do you wish somebody like Kate Hudson gave you this advice when you were a teen?

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