Suri Cruise Gets Bangs Like the Celebrity Fashionistas -- But Guess Who Cut Hers?

Knowing her acute sensitivity to the look-of-the-moment, it shouldn't be too surprising that the world's best-dressed grade-schooler now has the ultimate accessory of Spring 2013: blunt bangs.

What I love about Suri's Audrey Hepburn-esque baby bangs, though, is that they have all the tell-tale signs of a DIY job. The super short, scraggly fringe doesn't quite go the entire way across her forehead. If she'd gone to a professional, surely they would have had a more polished result -- and less of a gap between the ends and the eyebrows.

Maybe after noting that Michelle Obama, Emma Stone, Jessica Biel, Selena Gomez, Olivia Wilde, Salma Hayek and now Kim Kardashian have all jumped on the trend, Suri got impatient, as dialed-in fashion folks are apt to do. Maybe mom couldn't make it happen fast enough so . . . out came the crafting scissors. And voila!


Basically since birth Suri has been displaying her own sense of style. We know that she refuses to wear a winter coat when she doesn't want to. We know she loves heels and glittery flats. She loves mixing colors and patterns and bright tights. She also loves tastefully glamming it up.

In this photo, she's showcasing her on-trend Easter look -- a white dress with beaded embellishment and a fluffy tulle skirt and adorable lace-trimmed socks. With such attention to detail, how could Suri not have strong opinions about what hairstyle would match her vibe this season?

Kids cutting their own hair is a rite of passage. All little girls do it -- one of mine took a chunk out of her pony tail yielding a far more disastrous result that Suri's slightly uneven look. To me, Suri's new cut proves that despite her big life and paparazzi following her from school to tennis lessons to playdates to the ice cream parlor and everywhere in between, she's just a "normal" kid. All in all a good sign.

Has your kid ever cut their own hair?

Image via Splash News

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