'Teen Mom' Star's Photo of Topless 3-Year-Old Daughter Causes Uproar

Corey SimmsAnother Teen Mom 2 star's parenting is being criticized, but how's this for a twist? Corey Simms, ex-husband of Leah Messer Calvert, may not have been doing anything wrong. At least, he thinks it was A-OK to tweet a photo of his 3-year-old daughter without a shirt.

The photo of Simms' and Calvert's twins, Aliannah and Aleeah, went up on Twitter over the weekend. It features both of the toddlers tearing into their Easter baskets. Only Ali is wearing PJS. Aleeah is half naked. Take a look:


Leah Messer Calvert Corey Simms twins

OK, so she's clearly wearing undies ... and that's it. It looked like a typical morning with toddlers to me, but a fan immediately jumped on Corey for sharing the photo, tweeting back:

u should be a little more careful of the pics with no clothes on.. Your in the public world..

Considering the "topless" photo is of a 3-year-old, it sounds like someone's stretching awfully far to find fault with the reality star. But could she have a point?

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Hold up; I'm not saying there's anything dirty or wrong about what Corey did. As he tweeted back:

she's a child that's how she woke up.. Get over it.

It's not as if the Teen Mom 2 star stripped his daughter down and tried to take a lascivious photo. Kids just LOVE being naked (or half naked in this case), and we parents love to capture pictures of them being themselves. Most parents have a ton of these photos around the house. I have even framed a few of my favorites of my own daughter.

The problem is how we share the photos. Our parents took those photos of innocent little girls without their shirts on, and maybe they blew one up and hung it on the living room wall.

Today parents are putting the same photos on Facebook for their 693 "closest" friends to see. They're uploading them to Instagram. They're shooting them out on Twitter where anyone and their grandmother can see them.

That's where it gets dicey.

Suddenly that photo isn't just a cutesy family memento. It's open to criticism from the whole world and it's something that could potentially embarrass your kid down the line when they hit that age where EVERYTHING is embarrassing, but especially half nekkid photos of them from childhood. 

I have to say one more time, I'm not knocking Corey here. He saw cute kids having fun, and he shared it. He didn't MEAN to potentially embarrass them 13 years down the road ... he's living in the moment as a dad. Not to mention, Ali and Aleeah have already had their baby and toddlerhoods bared open for the world to see; one more picture is hardly going to change anything. They've got plenty of ammunition against Corey and Leah both!

But next time you go to share a photo of your little girl without her shirt on, you might want to take five seconds and ask yourself: do I really NEED to share this?

Do you share photos of your daughters without their shirts on? How old are they?


Images via MTV/Twitter

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