Evan Rachel Wood Makes 'Boring' Maternity Clothes Look Stylish

evan rachel wood jamie bellDo you ever see photos of pregnant celebrities that kind of make you cringe and think, "Why the heck is she wearing that? She looks so ridiculously uncomfortable!" (Yes, I'm talking to you, Kim Kardashian.)

Well, apparently not all famous moms-to-be sacrifice comfort for the sake of trying to look super trendy. Evan Rachel Wood's gray hoodie may not be the most stylish maternity wear on the planet, but at least she can breathe in it and it won't leave red marks on her growing baby bump. (That's the worst.)


Her maternity style definitely reminds me of how I typically dressed when I was expecting my son (other than when I was at work, of course). Cute, yet casual, you know -- like a pregnant gal.

I couldn't stand clothes that cut into me in any way, shape, or form. And I hated fabrics that didn't breathe. Oh yeah, I also had a major aversion to buttons, zippers, or anything else my skin could potentially get caught in. (I was really clumsy like that.)

And it's just so tough to understand why any pregnant woman would subject herself to any additional misery by wearing confining, tight-fitting clothes.

But let's forget about the comfort factor for a second and talk about the colors Evan is choosing to wear. By going for neutrals, grays, and blacks, she doesn't stand out as much, which allows her a lot more privacy than some of the other preggos in Hollywood right now.

And forget her celebrity status -- what pregnant woman in her right mind wants to adorn her bump in overly bright colors? Most of us do our best to downplay our size during that time, and vivid colors certainly don't help in that regard.

It will be interesting to see more of her fashion choices as her pregnancy progresses, but so far, Evan seems to have figured out the secret to a happy, comfy, enjoyable nine months.

Do you go for comfort over trendiness with maternity clothes?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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