6 Celebrities With Super Hot Bikini Baby Bumps (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Mar 29, 2013 Celebrity Moms

Camila AlvesTo show off your baby bump in a bikini or not to show off your baby bump in a bikini, that is the question for beach-going pregnant women. And for most celebrities, putting their growing bellies out there for the world to see typically isn't an issue -- because they look just as great pregnant in a two-piece swimsuit as they do when they're not expecting.

Sigh. If only the rest of us were so lucky. Personally, I stopped sporting a bikini while pregnant once I got past the four-month mark. The mere thought of exposing my humongous baby bump on the beach made me cringe -- and I really didn't want to put other beach-goers through that kind of torture.

If I'd had Camila Alves' pregnancy figure, however, I'm sure I would've worn nothing but string bikinis for nine months straight.

In addition to Mrs. Matthew McConaughey, check out the photos below to see some of the hottest celebrity bikini baby bumps around.


Image via Pacific Coast News

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