If the Duggars Adopt a Child, It's Up to Them -- Not Their Kids


Have you heard the big news? The Duggars may adopt a baby, which would make them the proud parents of 20 kids. Yep, Jim Bob and Michelle admit that having another child isn't out of the question for them, and we'll hear even more about their plans on the upcoming TLC special, 19 Kids & Counting: Duggars Do Asia.

Michelle says, "The kids are definitely pushing towards wanting us to open our home up to another child or more. They see how much we have been blessed with and how little so many children have and they want to share. We tell our children that would have to be something that is God’s will for our family, and we will see if it is. Our children love children, and we all do."


Wow. It's all well and good that the Duggar kids are excited about the possibility of gaining another sibling, but the idea of them "pushing" Jim Bob and Michelle to add another baby into the mix raises an interesting question.

Should kids have any sort of say or influence over whether or not their parents have more children?

I know what my answer is -- no way. Sure, they're a huge part of the family and should have some input on important family decisions -- but choosing to have another child should be solely up to the parents and no one else.

Here's the thing -- the parents are the ones who take care of the baby, not his siblings. They're the ones getting up at all hours of the night to calm him down when he's hungry, sick, or crying for no reason. And moms and dads are the ones who are responsible for the kid for a good 18 years and have to keep him safe and happy. And then there's the whole financial thing. Brothers and sisters aren't the ones who have to pay for everything the new baby needs and will need as he grows up.

I am an only child, and I can remember bugging the heck out of my parents to adopt a baby so I could have a brother or sister after family friends of ours adopted a child from Korea. I used to drive them crazy with my requests for a sibling, and for the life of me, I couldn't understand why they kept refusing. But now that I'm a mom, I totally get it. And now I want to go back in time and tell my 10-year-old self to shut up and quit asking already.

So far with my 7-year-old, I've been really lucky, because he has absolutely no interest in adding a brother or sister to the family. But if he ever changes his mind and starts begging us for one, we're not giving in unless it's something both me and my husband are 100 percent sure we want -- regardless of how much it disappoints him.

Would you have a baby just to please your other kids?


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