Jessica Simpson Flaunts Her Baby Bump in the Most Sophisticated Way (PHOTO)

jessica simpsonAs far as I'm concerned, no matter how much she weighs and what jeans, sundress, or Daisy Dukes she's sporting, Jessica Simpson always looks fabulous. And she makes being pregnant look fabulous too. But like every other expectant celeb, she's had her spectacular and not-so-shining style moments while carrying her kiddos. Thankfully, this past weekend, she enjoyed an utterly glam moment while visiting a mall in Charlotte, North Carolina.

With sis Ashlee, fiance Eric Johnson, and daughter Maxwell in tow, Jess was promoting Jessica Simpson Girl's Collection. And obviously any other stylish brand she's associated with got some publicity, too, because she looked that amazing in her burgundy maxi dress (from her own line, of course!), perfectly-fitted black jacket, and a retro Hollywood, Veronica Lake-esque hairdo. Talk about making pregnancy look hot!


Let me just say ... It's incredibly annoying that we seem to expect pregnant celebs like Jess and Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton to look pulled together and polished and wearing the perfect maternity style to flatter their bodies and bumps 24/7/365. They're growing another human being! Their top priority is not and should not be looking like a runway model! Crazy tabloids!

That said, when these famous ladies go public in a seriously knock-out style, they deserve a round of applause. Jessica's comfortable yet sophisticated style looks to me like the ultimate, dressed-up maternity look. It's not too fussy, but it's polished. It's not too tight, but it's sexy. If she was one of the designers on Fashion Star, she'd have offers from all the stores! Wait, she is a designer whose clothes sell like hotcakes wherever they're sold. Duh. Guess we didn't really need this gorgeous outfit to prove she really does know what she's doing -- in work and (pregnant) life. But it still is lovely to look at.

What do you think of Jess's maternity style? This outfit in particular?


Image via Jamie McCarthy/Getty

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