Jessica Simpson & Daughter Maxwell Take the World's Most Gorgeous Picture Together (PHOTO)

jessica simpsonJessica Simpson defied logic and physics and all other subsidiaries of science when she and baby girl Maxwell took a beautiful photo together. Look at this thing! It's stunning!

Now, don't get me wrong, Jessica is a gorgeous woman, and her daughter is unbelievably adorable. But that doesn't matter. See, regardless of how attractive a mother and daughter are, having a photo where you both look good is rarer than a finding a four-leaf clover under a blue moon. In a unicorn's mouth.


Babies are literally the cutest things in the world, but let's face it, getting a really great photo of them is no easy feat, as they aren't skilled in the art of posing quite yet. (Give them time.) They wiggle and squirm, and if you don't snap at the perfect instant, you're bound to get a shut eye, a tongue out, or a back of the head. When you get the perfect photo of your baby, you cherish it. When you get the perfect photo of your baby and you -- you wallpaper your house with that shit.

Sure, it's probably easier for JSimps to nab a frame-worthy picture of herself and Maxwell, as she has hair, makeup, lighting, and a professional photographer, but still. This is rare, my friends. The child is mightier than the continuous shooter. Jess ought to hang this one up in her house. And if she doesn't, I just might. That's not weird at all, right?

Do you have photos, where the whole fam looks fab?


Image via Jamie McCarthy/Getty

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