Fergie's Baby Bump Makes a Big Splash at Kids' Choice Awards (VIDEO)

fergie baby bumpYou guys, Josh Duhamel's wife has popped! Fergie showed off her pregnant belly in a tight, wild fish tank dress last night at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. She looked radiant and nearly upstaged her husband, who was co-hosting the show. But hold on a minute there! It looks like Josh anticipated getting shown up by Fergie's belly, because he showed up in a baby bump of his own!

In an opening song and dance act, Josh showed up in a skin-tight polka-dot dress with fake baby bump. Aww, Josh, you're finally showing! At one point Fergie showed up on stage in a matching polka-dot dress and jokingly rolled her eyes at her husband.


So... who wore the polka-dot maternity dress better? Like I need to ask. But it was an adorable stunt for Josh to pull. I would love it if expecting dads wore a baby bump more often. Just, you know, out of solidarity. Maybe they could also put weights around their ankles and a tight belt around their chest to get the full effect. (Haha, that is so not the full effect, but I can't spend the whole day talking about how uncomfortable pregnancy can be.)

Meanwhile, other stars couldn't keep their hands off Fergie -- or at least part of her. Selena Gomez and Katy Perry both posed patting the mama-to-be's belly. Hope Fergie didn't mind. She seemed to have a pretty good sense of humor about it. I almost think Josh and Fergie's little fetus was the most popular kid at the Kids' Choice Awards, and he/she hasn't even been born, yet!

How do you feel about people wanting to touch your baby bump during pregnancy?


Image via Splash News


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