Eli Manning's Wife Is Expecting Another Baby & The Pressure Is on for a Boy

Eli ManningIt's happy news for New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning. He and his wife Abby announced this week that they're expecting their second child.

She's due in June, and everyone's "very excited." Awww. Of course, everyone's also very anxious to know the sex of this baby. While I'm sure they're like most parents and want a healthy baby first and foremost, you know the hopes for a boy have got to be high. If not from themselves, then certainly from the rest of the football-loving world.


They already have a daughter, Ava Frances, 2, who they're in love with, but you know there are plenty who would consider it a shame not to see all of that football talent passed down to a son.

I almost feel sorry for his wife because of all that pressure. While it certainly isn't up to her to determine the sex of the baby she's carrying, she surely is feeling the stress to produce a son. You know the world's disappointment will be palpable if it's another girl for them, so I'm rooting for a boy to save them that alone. Which is sad, because sisters are so incredible, and any baby is an exciting addition to a family. But when you're talking about the genetics of Eli Manning being passed down, well, there's undeniably a little extra pressure.

Even if they have a whole gaggle of girls, though, at least the Manning football genes won't be wiped out completely. Eli's brother, Peyton Manning, had twins about the same time as Ava was born, and one of them -- Marshall -- is a boy. So the real pressure may be upon him in the future.

Have you ever felt pressured to have a baby of a certain sex?


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