Gisele Bundchen Takes Her Baby on an ATV Ride -- Is She Nuts?

Gisele BundchenRemember that time Gisele Bundchen rode an ATV on the beach in Costa Rica while wearing her 3-month-old baby, Vivian?

Yes, that actually happened. I swear. Think I'm making it up? Then take a look at this photo of Gisele riding an ATV with her baby strapped to her body -- and giving the camera a big ol' thumbs up.

Um, are you believing this?


Yes, it's nice that Gisele is wearing her baby and keeping her close and snuggled and all that good stuff. And yes, her body looks ridiculously amazing in a bikini just three months postpartum, even for a supermodel. But that doesn't change the fact that she was riding on an ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLE while wearing HER BABY.

I don't care how slow that thing was going -- I still just can't seem to understand what on earth would possess someone to hop onto an ATV and ride around with a baby on board. It's stupid, careless, and irresponsible, plain and simple.

What if Tom had to suddenly hit the brakes and Gisele and the baby went flying off that thing? Or what if he took a sharp turn and it slid on wet sand (could happen), tipped over, and fell on top of them? 

No matter how you look at it, the risks of taking a tiny baby for a ride on an ATV greatly outweigh any sort of recreational enjoyment. (I wouldn't take my baby on one. I'm just sayin'.)

And don't even try to tell me that Gisele deserves the benefit of the doubt or that I should cut her a little slack. If the mom in question were anyone other than Gisele -- maybe, maybe I would.

But considering she's pretty much the poster child for having a strong opinion on how moms should and should not parent their kids, there's no way she's getting a hall pass on this one.

Let me get this straight -- Gisele thinks that breastfeeding should be a law, but she's ok with cruising around on an ATV with no helmets in sight, even for her baby? Yeah, something doesn't quite add up here.

(Bottle feeding = bad. Reckless activities = good. Got it.)

But since she is Gisele Bundchen, I'm sure she has a perfectly reasonable explanation for why she didn't think taking little Vivian on an ATV posed any threat. 

Maybe her body is really made of armor, which shielded the baby from any potential injury. (Wouldn't surprise me.)

Would you ever take your baby on an ATV?


Image via Splash

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