Jennifer Garner Tells Her Daughters It's Illegal Not to Wear Sunscreen

Jennifer GarnerI've always loved Jennifer Garner. She's one of the most "real moms" Hollywood has to offer. So when I heard she has been telling her kids that it's against the law not to wear sunscreen, I wasn't surprised.

She gets it! Sometimes it's OK to lie to your kids! Heck, sometimes you're doing it for their own good.


Now let me put a disclaimer out there before y'all jump down my throat. I actually don't believe in lying to my kid on the regular. If anything, in my house we err on the side of too much truth. We were very matter-of-fact when each of my grandparents died. She knows that commercials are really people trying to sell her something. And she's never been scared into thinking something ridiculous like clowns will eat her if she doesn't eat her broccoli (as a matter of fact, my kid is a weirdo who adoreds broccoli).

But I'm with Jennifer Garner; some things in life are non-negotiable. Unfortunately, kids don't always agree with us. Have you ever had the sunscreen fight with your kids? You'd think you were an agent of the CIA at Gitmo with the fight some kids put up.

Sometimes lying to your kids is really more about keeping them safe than anything! Don't believe it? Check out some of these "lies for your own good" parents 'fessed up to telling:

1. The car won't start unless your seatbelt is buckled.

2. If you're not in a car seat, Mommy will get arrested. (Kinda true, actually!).

3. You know the old line "you can't get pregnant your first time"? We've told our kids that the first time you have sex, you will, 100 percent certain, get pregnant (or she will) if you don't use protection.

4. If you take medicine when you're not sick, it will make you sick.

5. Even one cigarette will 100 percent sure cause cancer.

6. If you don't brush your teeth twice a day, they will rot right out of your head.

7. When my kids were little they went through the "I only like chicken and steak" phase. We cook and serve chicken, beef, and pork in our home and it was all called chicken or steak. "Chicken" was anything from duck or wild turkey to pheasant or pork. "Steak" was anything from bear to venison or buffalo. It worked well!

8. You get sick if you don't take a bath or shower.

9. My son will never grow if he doesn't eat some of everything in his plate.

10. If they misbehave in public and a police officer sees that they aren't "good," I could get arrested and thrown in jail.

Do you tell your kids lies for their own good? Let's hear 'em. 


Image via Larry Busacca/Getty Images

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