'Bachelor' Jason Mesnick & Wife Choose Popular Baby Name for Their Newest Addition

Jason Mesnick Molly MesnickOnce upon a time he was just a guy looking for a girl to love him. Now Jason Mesnick is a dad! The Bachelorette and Bachelor contestant and wife Molly Mesnick welcomed a baby this week!

The little girl is Jason's second (remember, he was already a divorced dad when he showed up on TV), but the first with the former Molly Malaney. The birth announcement is a big win for the show; it shuts down at least some of the criticisms that these relationships aren't made to last.

But enough about the longevity of reality TV romances. All anyone really wants to know is the name the Mesnicks picked for their daughter, right?


Jason and Molly Mesnick have dubbed their little darling Riley Anne Mesnick!

Aww! I have to admit I'm a little biased on this one. We almost opted for Riley as a middle name for our daughter (we eventually went with Rachel instead) because we liked it so much.

The one thing that gave us pause was the fact that Riley has become popular. INSANELY popular. It's like the Taylor of a few years back or the Jennifer of my childhood. It even made CafeMom's Top 200 baby names last year, hitting the 61 spot.

The popularity has its advantages -- your kid will always be able to find tchotchkes with her name on it, and people are more likely to spell it right.

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But then again, you risk dooming your kid to being one of many in their classroom and the problems that go with it -- mixed up tests, always having to use their last name, accidentally getting yelled at for something the other Riley did. It doesn't exactly help that Riley is one of those "could be a boy or could be a girl" names. That just doubles the chances of her running into another one of her (or many more!).

I guess no name is perfect, huh? Just another reason parenting is HARD!

Congrats are due to the couple! It's nice to see something good come out of reality TV, isn't it?

What do you think of popular baby names?


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