If Gwyneth Paltrow Is So Healthy, Why Are Her Kids So Hungry?

it's all goodGwyneth Paltrow has a new cookbook coming out next month. Yay! It's called It's All Good, only it's not exactly about "it" being "all good." She probably should have called it "It's all good except for gluten, meat, eggs, dairy, and sugar." The book is full of recipes that conform to the elimination diet her doctor put her on. And what's good for Mama is good for the kids, too, right? Gwyn put the whole family on the diet -- yes, including her kids.

Well, good for her, feeding her kids healthy, wholesome foods. But did Gwyneth go too far with her kids' low-carb diet? She admits in her book, "Sometimes when my family is not eating pasta, bread, or processed grains like white rice, we’re left with that specific hunger that comes with avoiding carbs." That part made me cringe. Hungry kids? Oh no!


Maybe it's just because my kid has inherited his father's rapid metabolism, but when he says he feels hungry, I feel instant guilt. (Unless of course it's right after dinner because he dawdled and gabbed instead of eating, and then I just feel exasperated.) I think it's okay for small children to feel sad, mad, scared, confused, and tickled, but it's never okay for them to be hungry!

Not to mention, even if you're truly convinced that going gluten-free will FIX EVERYTHING WRONG, you can still get those carbs from other sources. Carbs are not evil! Not only that, kids really need them.

There are children here and around the world who don't have enough food to eat. It just seems ungrateful and a little OCD to have such a restrictive diet that your kids go around feeling hungry. And anyway, is it really the low carb thing that's making them hungry? We don't eat a lot of gluten in my family, either, but I make sure we fill up on other foods. Even if you're vegan, you can get enough carbs, fiber, and protein in those little bodies to satisfy. I wonder if the problem is more that they don't like the foods that come with that elimination diet.

Well, I guess they can just eat their parents' money. I'm pretty sure it's gluten free.

Sorry, that was such a cheap shot. But seriously. When rich people work themselves up into a frenzy with their food restrictions, I just can't take them seriously. Elimination diets may be the new prestige eating, but can we please leave kids out of it?

Do you think kids should ever be put on an elimination diet?


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